Dear valued customers,

The distribution Centos 6 is coming to end of life EOL on 30th of November 2020 (

We would like to inform all VPS / Public Cloud and Dedicated Servers customers is following the EOL of distributions and will also deprecate the Centos 6 image on our infrastructure.

The following impact is expected:

  • Customers with hosting services will not be able to reinstall services with the Centos 6
  • Xsofthost will no longer deliver services with Centos 6
  • Customers who automate their infrastructure deployment using the Centos 6 image, will no longer work as image will not be found anymore.

We recommend customers currently using Centos 6 to either upgrade their operating system to at least Centos 7 or reinstall their services (data will be lost) with Centos 7 or 8.

Friday, October 30, 2020

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