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What is Resource Monitor for cPanel/WHM

Resource Monitor Plugin can help you to identify the cPanel hosting users on your server that are using the highest amount of server resources. Its show you the resource cPanel users usages based on CPU usage, memory usage, MySQL usage and disk usage and is displayed right inside the WebHostManager (WHM).
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cPanel/WHM Resource Monitor Features

  • Set Threshold Limits: You can set the threshold limit for the following:CPU,Memory,MySQL uasage, so once the clients reach the limit you will get notification for the clients that reach that limit.
  • cPanel Log Viewer : You have an option in the settings to allow your cPanel users to see their resouces usage logs.
  • Email Notifications :You can Set settings to receive daily notifications emails of cPanel users using the highest amount of server resources.

What Resource Monitor Tracks

  • Memory Usage
  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Space Usage
  • MySQL Usage

cPanel/WHM Resource Monitor Technical Specification

Server Requirements

  • Ioncube & CURL for cPanel's internal PHP (Install through WHM and EasyApache!)
  • PHP: 5.3+
  • cPanel/WHM: 11.34+

How to install cPanel/WHM Resource Monitor

To Install the Resource Monitor cPanel/WHM Plugin Go to View Help Details