Centos 6 End of Life (EOL) on Nov 30th 2020

Dear valued customers, The distribution Centos 6 is coming to end of life EOL on 30th of November 2020 (https://wiki.centos.org/About/Product).  We would like to inform all VPS / Public Cloud and Dedicated Servers customers is following the EOL of distributions and will also deprecate the Centos 6 image on our infrastructure. The following ... Read More »

30th Oct 2020
cPanel & WHM Version 74 Expected in STABLE!

cPanel, Inc announced the new release of cPanel & WHM version 74.

They announce that anticipates cPanel & WHM Version 74 in the STABLE tier the week of September 3rd.

Version 74 includes updates for some of our biggest features. Take a look at the full release notes,  

31st Aug 2018
Chrome 68 is released in July with not secure warning

Web browser Chrome 68 is released in July 2018, all websites that do not have an SSL certificate to be marked as "not secure". 

The solution for that you can enable HTTPS on your website by using a SSL certificate ,

Buy SSL certificate to help prevent Google from flagging your website as unsecure. 

12th Aug 2018
End Of Life (EOL) cPanel Versions 56 & 60

End Of Life (EOL) cPanel Versions 56 & 60 The End of Life is near for cPanel & WHM version 56 & 60, which will no longer be supported (except when upgrading to a supported version) in late October. No further security updates or new features will be provided for these releases once the End of Life is reached. Please note that cPanel ... Read More »

24th Oct 2017
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