How to install Let’s Encrypt Plugin in WHM/cPanel

EV Certificate

What is Let’s Encrypt? Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate authority provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).Let’s Encrypt provide two types of free X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) . The standard single domain SSL and the Wildcard SSL, which covers not only a single domain, but…

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How to install python in my cPanel and add py extension

WHM cPanel

Python normally installed on all cPanel hosting server because most of centos/red hat update system use it. you only needs to activate the python handler for your apache to allow the apache server serve the py file and execute it instead of send the script to the browser as downloadable…

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How to install and enable GUI GNOME Desktop on centos 7

Linux Article

Usually CentOS 7 comes in a numbers of variants, For most users, there are two major options are the GUI installation. or the minimal installation, and in most cases users prefer to use minimal installation which use remote shell commands. In this article we will talk about switching from minimal…

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How to Uninstall cloudlinux and covert back to centos cpanel server

Linux Article

To restore back from cloudlinux and convert back to Centos OS you can make the following steps: Uninstall cloudlinux wget -O cldeploy sh cldeploy -c Verify If cloudlinux Installed /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cloudlinux_system_install -c after restore back to centos  some packages from CloudLinux repo will still be present. They are same as CentOS packages,…

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Solve FTP Connection fails passive mode on Pure FTP configserver

Error Case: Failed to retrieve directory listing you configured your domain name with cpanel and add your FTP username and password correctly , when you are trying to connect to your website using filezilla software your are getting the following error: How to solve FTP Failed to retrieve directory listing from…

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Assign IP On virtual machines from Hyper-V Windows Server

Add IP On VM using Hyper-v Objective and Requirement this article will show you how to use network birdge to configure and add Public IP fail over to the VM to access the internet Requirements Dedicated Server with Windows Server 2012 or 2016 . One Failover IP and MAC address…

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What is ICANN and how Domain WHOIS Verification Process

What is ICANN ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization that has the responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, generic and country code Top-Level domain name (gTLD) system management . What is ICANN  Verification (ICANN) is the organization responsible for setting the various…

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DNS Settings not showing on Plesk subscriptions

Plesk FTP Account

Why My Plesk Subscribers can’t see the DNS Settings for their web site?  Usually subscriber can’t find DNS settings for their web sites in Plesk because of missing permissions , while configuing the subscriber or missing in the plan of Plesk : To solve the problem you have two ways…

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How to Install and use Nano Text Editor Commands in Linux

Linux Shell Commands

What is Nano Editor GNU nano is a one of the popular and easiest command line text editor used on many operating systems including Unix-based systems and BSD variants.  How to install Nano Text Editor Some OS distributions comes with Nano editor installed ,so install nano depends on OS.  Install Nano…

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