How to change the maximum upload file size for PHP

There are several scenarios that you might need to increase or decrease your php maximum upload file using php script files , and for those cases you have two ways to reach the goal , either using cPanel WHM control panel or by editing the php.ini file directly.

Change maximum upload file size for PHP In cPanel/WHM

  • Login to your cPanel WHM control panel
  • Navigate to Home »Software »MultiPHP INI Editor
  • Select Editor Mode and select the php version you are targeting then start edit the values :

For example ; to Maximize allowed  size for uploaded files to 256 MB add these two values in php ini editor :

uploadmax_filesize = 256M

postmax_size = 256M

Change maximum upload file size for PHP from php.ini

Or you can go directly to the php.ini file and start change the values for both uploadmax_filesize and postman_size .

To locate the php.ini, you simply run the ssh command:

php -i | grep -i “loaded configuration file”

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