No valid CloudLinux License Found Display Error

When you install Cloudlinux license on cPanel system and display Not Valid CloudLinux License Found CloudLinux on cPanel showing We couldn’t validate your Cloudlinux License. Please make sure your license is correct. you can do some few simple steps to re-validate the license from your system.

There is two way to license your Cloudlinux by using activation key or license base on IP. 

in both cases the following simple steps can solve the problem.

What is CloudLinux OS?

CloudLinux OS is a Linux distribution for shared hosting providers. It is developed by software company CloudLinux, Inc. CloudLinux OS is based on the CentOS operating system.


To solve this issue , you will need to check the following :

  • Access to your Dedicated Server , Or VPS Server with cPanel via root account.
  • Valid Cloudlinux license purchased directly from the vendor or from any reseller third party.
  • You can validate your server Cloudlinux license directly from Server license check tool.

How to fix No Valid CloudLinux License

First you can double check if your cloudLinux license is valid by going to CloudLinux Network , or from the clouldlinux check tool which allows you to check your server license status.if you purchased the license directly from Cloudlinux or check your provider if the license is valid.

If this is not the case ,

First login to your server as root administrator, then you can run the both commands on your server:

					/usr/bin/cldetect –-update-license
/usr/sbin/clnreg_ks –-force

The above two commands should solve your problem if your license is valid.

You can login again to your server via WHM and check the tools and options of cloudlinux and if the license updated the error will not show.

If the error still exits you can directly contact cloudlinux support and open ticket from their help desk

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