Avoid IP Spam Emails on Dedicated and VPS Server


Practices to avoid your server IPs to mark as Spam If you got an alert notification email that your IP/IPs marked as spam , you can follow the next few simple steps to protect and request your IP to be whitelisted: Temporary stop sending email: stop sending email (e.g. stop…

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How to create and setup an Email Autoresponders in cPanel

Emails Configuration

What is Email Autoresponders  Autoresponder is cPanel email feature that allow you to configure and tell the system to automatically reply when a specific email address receives an email. The reason my may use it for example you are out of the office (for vacation reason) or you are creating…

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How to create email accounts In Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Emails

Simple Steps to create new email account on Plesk control panel Plesk Control Panel allow you to create and manage email accounts associated with your domains. For each email account, you can set up a mailbox, a number of additional email addresses that will point to the same mailbox (email…

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