DNS Settings not showing on Plesk subscriptions

Plesk FTP Account

Why My Plesk Subscribers can’t see the DNS Settings for their web site?  Usually subscriber can’t find DNS settings for their web sites in Plesk because of missing permissions , while configuing the subscriber or missing in the plan of Plesk : To solve the problem you have two ways…

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How to add Additional Administrator Accounts in Plesk

Plesk Additional Administrator Accounts

Adding New Administrator account Plesk control Panel allows you to add additional administrator accounts .Please be aware that each additional administrator accounts are denied the following privileges: Viewing and managing additional administrator accounts belonging to other users. Viewing and managing administrator account settings. Clearing the Action Log. To Create New…

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Creating a Service Plan With Plesk

Plesk Creating Hosting Plan

How to add Hosting Service Plan in Plesk As a reseller or administrator  account Plesk control panel provide the ability to setup packages that limit the resources your customers can use by creating what Plesk calls a Service Plan. Typically the service plan includes disk space on the server, bandwidth,…

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How to Create/Remove MySQL or MS SQL Database in Plesk

Plesk Databases

How to create MySQL Database in Plesk Login to your Plesk control Panel. From Website & Domains Tab click Add Database Button. From the Add a Database Page type the following: Database name: type your unique database name. Database server : for MySQL Server select MySQL from drop down list.…

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How to Create Subdomain and remove Subdomain in Plesk

Plesk Subdomain

Add Subdomain From Plesk To add subdomain for any primary domain hosted in plesk control panel: Login to Plesk control Panel , usually the link look like https://yourdomain.com:8443. On the plesk domain dashboard click Add Subdomain icon. On the Add a Subdomain Page enter the following: Subdomain Name: type your…

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Configuring Mail settings on plesk server for Domain

Emails Configuration

How to Configure Mail settings on Plesk Plesk control Panel give you an option to manage and configure mail settings for your domain , by Activate mail service on this domain , choose the Webmail  interface and enable SSL/TLS certificate for webmail and mailing list for your domain .To configure…

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How to create email accounts In Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Emails

Simple Steps to create new email account on Plesk control panel Plesk Control Panel allow you to create and manage email accounts associated with your domains. For each email account, you can set up a mailbox, a number of additional email addresses that will point to the same mailbox (email…

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WordPress cannot be installed On Windows Plesk Environment

Plesk WordPress

Unable to install WordPress on Plesk Control Panel (Windows Server) when you are trying to install the WordPress using Plesk 12.5 on Windows server platform and you are getting an error The cause of error WordPress ToolKit bug with id #EXTWPTOOLK-326. The fix is considered to be included in further…

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