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Instantly boost the trust customers have in your website with this affordable OV certificate

With the Certum Trusted SSL certificate, your website will be able to assure customers that your business is safe to do business with. This certificate will allow your website to display some of the most trusted visual indicators on the web, like "https", the padlock icon in the URL bar, and the dynamic Certum Site Seal. Since this certificate provides top-of-the-line encryption and builds trust into websites, it is an ideal option for financial institutions, ecommerce sites, and any other company that is interested in boosting their online reputation and sales.
Funny Product Summary

CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate Product Summary

Assurance and Authentication

Because this is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, it requires that a company complete a light vetting process before being issued. This process usually takes between 2-3 business days and is just in place simply to make sure your company is who it says it is. This will then be displayed on your site, as your customers will be able to see that your business has been vetted by a reputable third party security company.

Security And Encryption

The excellent 256-bit level encryption and 2048/4096 bit root provides an outstanding level of protection for any business concerned with beefing up the security & encryption of their website. Additionally, this certificate is issued with unlimited server licenses.

SAN And Multi Domain Support

Unfortunately, the Certum Trusted SSL is only for one domain, and does not offer multi-domain capacity.

Features And Benefits

SSL Specifications

  • Validation: OV
  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Secures a single domain name
  • 99.00% browser recognition
  • 128-256 bit encryption strength
  • 2048/4096-bit root
  • Fast Verification
  • Free CERTUM Site Seal – visibly display your credibility
  • Secures unlimited no. of servers with only 1 SSL certificate
  • Certificate contains a domain name and an organization name

Site Seal

This certificate comes with the "Secured by Certum" Site Seal. This internationally recognized seal will help instantly increase the trust in your website. Plus, because this is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, the site seal is dynamic, meaning a customer can click on it to view more verified information about your business.


The Certum Trusted SSL certificate comes backed by a $250,000 warranty, one of the most generous available for an Organization Validated (OV) certificate. This warranty ensures that, in the unlikely event your site is breached due to a flaw in the SSL and a customer incurs losses because of this, you will be compensated by Certum for up to $250,000 in damages.
CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate Site Seal SSL

Unlimited Server License

Most other Certificate Authorities' SSL Certificates (including Wildcard Certificates) are only licensed for one physical server. But with CERTUM SSL Certificates's unlimited server license, you can use your certificate on as many servers as you want. You can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs for each server. That's the ultimate in flexibility.
CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate Unlimited Server License
CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Reissues

Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Reissues

Most of CERTUM SSL Certificates, including CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate not restricted with 30 day time limit for reissuing certificates, and no limit on the number of times you can have your certificate reissued.

Benefits and Reasons of SSL Certificate Reissues:

  • In case of lost or stolen private key, certificates can be reissued instantly.
  • Change the common name to which your certificate was issued.
  • Reissue your certificate any time before expiration.
  • If you'd rather change in your current certificate for a new certificate altogether, we will apply the full remaining value of your certificate towards the purchase of any new cert.
Money Back Guarantee

CERTUM Trusted SSL Certificate Comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee

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