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Full business authentication done fast and issued quickly

Today's consumer wants all the information before agreeing to anything. Only Extended Validation SSL certificates can provide that. DigiCert's Extended Validation SSL certificate can be issued more quickly than any other Extended Validation certificate in the SSL industry. That's because DigiCert mastered validation, streamlining the process considerably compared to other CAs. Within just a few hours you can secure your website with powerful encryption and add maximum authentication. Nothing puts consumers at ease like being able to see your verified company information in your certificate details or by clicking your DigiCert Secure Trust Seal. EV says that you've invested in security. It's a statement. One that DigiCert can help you make quickly and affordably.
Funny Product Summary

DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Product Summary

Assurance and Authentication

EV SSL certificates require extended validation before they can be issued. For other CAs this could take up to a week, but DigiCert can do it within a matter of hours. Best of all, after you finish validation you can skip doing it again for the next 13 months. Other CAs only claim to have instant issuance, DigiCert actually does. After your certificate is issued your customers will be able to see your verified business details by viewing the subject field in your EV certificate whenever they arrive at your website. Not to mention, anti-phishing software uses the information contained in EV certificates to make reputation judgments about websites. EV is still the best way to assert your identity on the internet.

Security And Encryption

Extended Validation SSL certificates are cryptographically resistant to all modern SSL/TLS and HTTPS-based attacked. Customers have their choice of RSA public key cryptography or an Elliptic Curve-based (ECC) cryptosystem. And thanks to DigiCert's universally trusted roots, you know your SSL certificate will work regardless of what browser or mobile device your customers are using.

SAN And Multi Domain Support

DigiCert EV SSL certificates are not SAN-enabled.

Features And Benefits

SSL Specifications

  • Highest Level of Validation
  • 256-bit symmetric encryption strength
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography capable
  • 256-bit Symmetric Encryption strength
  • Secures a single domain
  • DigiCert Secured™ trust seal
  • Secures WWW and non-WWW variations
  • $1,000,000 Warranty
  • Business Validated
  • Extended Validation
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Full Organization Authentication
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm
  • Risk free 30-day refund policy
  • Unlimited Reissuance
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices

SSL Mobile Compatibilities Include:

  • Android (carrier specific)
  • Apple iPhone and iPod Safari
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6
  • Microsoft Windows CE 4.0
  • Microsoft IE Pocket PC 2003
  • Microsoft IE Smartphone 2003
  • RIM Blackberry 4.3.0
  • Major Operators Inc. Vodaphone
  • Orange
  • AT&T
  • NTT/DoCoMo
  • SoftBank Mobile
  • KDDI
  • Brew
  • PalmOS 5.x
  • Netfront 3.0+
  • Opera 4.10+
  • Openwave mobile browser 6.20+
  • Major handset providers SonyEricsson
  • Nokia
DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Mobile Compatibilities

Compatible Browsers:

IE 5+ (above)
Chrome 3+ (above)
Opera 7+ (above)
Safari all browsers
Firefox 1+ (above)
AOL 10+ (above)
Netscape 9+ (above)
DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Site Seal SSL

Site Seal

A powerful site seal serves immediate notice that your organization has been verified and is secure. Extended Validation SSL certificates come with the DigiCert Secure Trust Seal. DigiCert is one of the most widely trusted brands on the internet, its Site Seal is tantamount to DigiCert vouching for your company's credibility. When your customers see it, they know they're in good hands.


Extended Validation SSL certificates come backed by $1,000,000 warranties that kick in should your EV SSL certificate ever break and cost your organization money. DigiCert's track record makes these largely unnecessary, but the peace of mind that comes from having one is well worth it.
DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Site Seal SSL

Unlimited Server License

Most other Certificate Authorities' SSL Certificates (including Wildcard Certificates) are only licensed for one physical server. But with DigiCert SSL Certificates's unlimited server license, you can use your certificate on as many servers as you want. You can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs for each server. That's the ultimate in flexibility.
DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Unlimited Server License
DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Reissues

Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Reissues

Most of DigiCert SSL Certificates, including DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate not restricted with 30 day time limit for reissuing certificates, and no limit on the number of times you can have your certificate reissued.

Benefits and Reasons of SSL Certificate Reissues:

  • In case of lost or stolen private key, certificates can be reissued instantly.
  • Change the common name to which your certificate was issued.
  • Reissue your certificate any time before expiration.
  • If you'd rather change in your current certificate for a new certificate altogether, we will apply the full remaining value of your certificate towards the purchase of any new cert.
Money Back Guarantee

DigiCert Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate Comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee

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