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Abundant SSL types

Comodo offer most of the SSL Types may you need to your business.Domain Validated (DV SSL), Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL), Orgnization Validation SSL (OV SSL) ,SAN SSl,WildCard SSL , and one the cheapest SSL over SSL industry.

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Search Engines Like “Google” favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and push sites to higher search results. Meaning SSL not only protects your customers data and passwords ,also helps you get increase your website ranking.

Excess customer confidence

When customers visits your website ,they will feel comfortable interacting with your website, and buying your products, knowing that their privacy and data including credit cards information is secured.

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Quick and cost-effective certificate that will secure your customer transactions. The main feature of the certificate is the speed of issuance

Why Comodo SSL certificates

How SSL works

Step 1


Once a website visitor enters an SSL-protected Page of your website, your SSL authority certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with the visitor's browser to protect the communication data.

Step 2

Padlock icon appears

Once the encryption connection is complete, a padlock icon and HTTPS prefix appear in the visitor's browser bar to show them they're safe to share personal details. If you have an EV Certificate, your visitor's status bar will also turn green.

Step 3

Good to GO

All information passing to and from your website is now scrambled , using the encryption mechanism that provided by the SSL depends on the SSL type.

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Comodo Unified Communications

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Comodo EV SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
  • Business or personal website Unless you sell things on your personal website, a Standard SSL (DV) is fine. This is also true for informational business sites. eCommerce websites should use a single-domain Standard SSL (DV) or Premium SSL (EV).
  • If you need to protect different domains Wildcard SSLs cover multiple subdomains. For example, use a Wildcard to protect *, which would cover, and any other subdomains. UCC SSLs will cover multiple domains, subdomains and websites. For example, you can secure,, and

SSL Certificate does 2 things: a. Encrypt the information sent from your user’s browser to your website b. Authenticate your website’s identity. By doing these 2 things, an SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn increases their trust in your online business. This is especially important if your website requires users to login using passwords or enter sensitive information such as credit card details.

SSL Certificates are compatible with all major browsers.
A Wildcard SSL Certificate protects your primary domain, and an unlimited number of its subdomains. For example, a single Wildcard Certificate can secure both and Wildcard Certificates secure the common name and all subdomains at the level you specify when you submit your SSL request.
When a visitor enters an SSL-protected page on your website, their browser bar displays a padlock icon and the https:// prefix in the URL address. While most Internet users know to look for those SSL indicators, you can also add a site seal to your website to show visitors your site is verified and secured.

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