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By install Thawte SSL on your website’s online , customers will feel secure doing business with you over the Internet.

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Why Thawte SSL certificates

Thawte Brand

Thawte was the first certificate authority to issue SSL certificates to public entities outside of the United States, quickly accounting for 40% of the global SSL market.


Thawte Are SSL Expertise

Thawte are specialist on SSL ,they are offering a full range of SSL products, including EV SSL, OV SSL, DV SSL, SGC SSL, Wildcard and SAN SSL certificates to customers worldwide Thawte Trusted Site Seal, available in 18 languages

Better search rankings

Search Engines Like “Google” favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and push sites to higher search results. Meaning SSL not only protects your customers data and passwords ,also helps you get increase your website ranking.

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SSL Certificates FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Thawte is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

When we issue an SSL certificate, Thawte name will appear next to yours as the trusted third party who verified it.

Thawte take that trust seriously and lead the industry with rigorous authentication methods and a global infrastructure to support real-time certificate look-ups.

In addition Standard SSL showing HTTPS in the web address and a closed padlock icon to indicate an encrypted session, the browser address bar turns green. Also displaying the name of the organization and of the certificate authority that authenticated the information appears next to the web address. indicating that the assure the organization information and its secure to buy company’s products
Because EV SSL level of proof required by the CA/Browser Forum, organizations must be listed with an official registration agency in their jurisdiction. Corporations, general partnerships, unincorporated associations, government agencies .
Before issuing an SSL certificate with EV, Thawte will verify the organization’s registered legal name, registration number, registered address, physical business address and any assumed business names. Thawte will also verify the applicant organization’s right to use the domain name and that the application organization has authorized the issuance of an SSL certificate with EV.

All Thawte Certificates comes with 30 days money back Guarantee