Game Dedicated Servers

Special Dedicated Server for Games

Unleash a CPU’s power and increase its frequency with Turbo Boost mode
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Dedicated Game Server Features

Dedicated Game Server plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

Save $105by getting 1 months free with annual prepay
$120.75 Monthly


Save $130by getting 1 months free with annual prepay
$120.75 Monthly

Dedicated Server XHMC-32

Save $299.88by getting 2 months free with annual prepay
$168.99 Monthly

Dedicated Server XHGAME32

Why Our Game Dedicated Server

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Designed for gaming

By using high frequency of Intel i7 processors technology and their Turbo Boost coupled with speed of SSD or NVMe HD storage provide the best gaming performance ,that will provide the maximum comfort and minimal latency for your players.

Anti DDoS dedicated server


All of our GAME dedicated servers come with the most powerful anti-DDoS designed for gaming on the market. the Anti-DDoS technology provides two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic). all will happen before players notice an attack, it will already have been thwarted.

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Game CPU potential

Take advantage of Overclocking and get more performance ,By using an overclocked processor will bring you some relatively significant performance gains without having to change your processor.

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Games List

Compatible Games and Applications

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Our Service Level Agreement commitment

Dedicated Server SLA

Game Dedicated Servers Hosting FAQ

A dedicated game server is a high performance hosting server that is used primarily for hosting multiplayer gaming .As a result users connect to this server to play a game together as a game community platform.
It depends on Game requirements, further Some game servers support a variety of Operating Systems, so you should choose the one you are most familiar with and that is most frequently updated. our dedicated game server offer both Linux and Microsoft Windows server Operating System.
None of our Dedicated Servers including the game servers are refundable.