FTP Backup Storage

Dedicated Servers with FREE FTP Backup Storage

The series of Enterprise ,Storage ,GAME Dedicated Servers include (500 GB) FREE Backup device,Essential Dedicated Servers Offer (100 GB) FREE Backup Storage device.

Backup Device Options

Dedicated Servers FTP NFS/CIFS Backup Storage
  • Device Connection: by default servers can connect to your backup storage device using FTP protocol , you can configure your server to connect to the backup device using NFS and CIFS protocols , NFS ;CIFS protocols allow you to mount your backup space locally on your server. The advantage of NFS and CIFS protocols is allowing you to manage your files on the backup device as local disk on the server.
  • Share Device: you can share the backup device between your dedicated servers on the same datacenter that you already have that belong to the same series .
  • Manage Backup Devcies: from your client area tool you can change FTP user password, or you can manage (ACL) by allowing fixed Server IP to access the backup that you decide to share between your servers.
  • Different Storage Size : you can increase your devices Storage Size from the default (FREE 100/500 GB) upto : 1 TB,5 TB,10 TB
XsoftHost.com cannot be liable for any technical incidents on the backup devices or the data hosted or losing data.