vRack Dedicated Server

What is a vRack Dedicated Server?

vRack (virtual rack) allows your dedicated servers to be grouped together , and can be connect each server with others in a private network , which offer a secure network and high speed connection between each server. So your dedicated servers that support vRack can communicate privately and securely between each other (within a dedicated VLAN). You dont need to manage the network connection , and no software applications or network configuration are required on your dedicated servers.

Connecting your server

vRack Schema
The Cisco ASR 9000 devices serve as a bridge for the vRack. They are at the gateway to each datacentre and linked to each other in order to route the data without passing through the public network. The Nexus 6000s and Nexus 2000s act as network gateways to interconnect your different servers.
 ASR 9000 ASR 9000
 NEXUS 2000 NEXUS 2000
 NEXUS 6000 NEXUS 6000