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Softaculous works on many Web Hosting Control Panels like: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System and Interwork. Its very easy to integrate with those control panel ,and will be available to the hosting end user to implement and install the host apps. Therefore its good deal to buy softaculous License

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Softaculous Price

Softaculous Price From 0.90 $ /mo

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What is Softaculous ?

Softaculous is an auto installer Plugin for cPanel and DirectAdmin and Plesk. Softaculous is much faster and always up-to-date, well designed and it installs all scripts in just ONE STEP. You can install Softaculous in just seconds. to know how to install it please visit How to install Softaculous Article..

softaculous Features

one click

ONE Click Install

Install host applications within seconds with just ONE CLICK

backup device

Backups / Restore

Configure backups which can be restored and keep your data saved and secured.


WordPress Themes

Install WordPress themes while installing WordPress itself.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Saves time of users as well as web hosting provider,Focus only on building from scripts , avoid script install time.

softwares package

Over 400 Apps

Wide range of script web host applications to choose from.

up to update


Softaculous Always update the scripts dialy, this will make your apps secure and safe.

advance layers

Clone installations

Clone your website to test environment to verify changes before you publish it to your live site.

softwares package

Softaculous Support

If you need support ? We are ready to help you ,feel free to contact us anytime you want.


Online Demo

Softaculous provide online admin demo and Softaculous end user online demo.

Why to buy Softaculous ?

Mouse Click

ONE Click Install

  • Compatible with most of control panel
  • Over 400 Regularly updated Host applications
  • One click Import Utility
  • Regular New Scripts addition
  • Secure, Smart and Fast Installations
  • User Friendly Interface

multi language

Multi Language GUI

Softaculous has great GUI that support multi Language for the endusers. that's help the end user to use the Softaculous auto installer easy and understand the dialogs between the Softaculous and the user. Softaculous Offer endusers a language alternative allows the clients to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying.

whmcs logo

API Integration with Billing system

Softaculous provides auto install for host providers who is using WHMCS. by creating the module of shared hosting you can use the API to auto create the host apps while ordering the package , this save time of the endusers process. the integration is quite simple and only you need to download the server modules to your WHMCS module folder and add some additional custom fields and Softaculous will take care of the creation process for you.

logo Branding

Branding Options

Softaculous allows Re Branding, so you can replace the Softaculous Logo with your Company's Logo . To do this there is no need to FTP to the server or to modify files. You just need to put the FULL URL of your Logo and save the Softaculous Settings. then Softaculous Logo will be replaced by your Company's Logo.

Softaculous FAQ

Softaculous is a an auto-installer, installed on cPanel servers as plugin. It installs open-source softwares like blog Wordpress, photo, scripts, content management systems, help desk, wiki and others – install these software easy with one click of a button

Softaculous is an easy way to install the scripts using Softaculous library instead of manually installing your own software and update it manually. Softaculous keeps an active eye on them to ensure they are up to date. This is particularly important for security updates.

Installed Softaculous on your cPanel already contains all the tools necessary to run and install Softaculous’s scripts. Just log into your cPanel or WHM navigate to Softaculous Apps Installer and click on the link to get started!

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel, go to Software/Services and click on the Softaculous icon.
  2. On the top right hand side menu, click on the wooden block icon i.e. “All Installations“. Here you will get to see the list of all the software installed by you.
  3. From the installed software list, find the software you wish to uninstall and click on the “Remove” button.