Power VPS KVM Technology

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Massive VPS storage Server

dedicated server processing
linux os

Linux Support

VPS KVM Support wind range of ISO Image to install ; Linux , and allow you to re-install the OS anytime you want.



Protect VPS network from the most DDOS attacks ,this tool is protecting VPS network 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.


Fast VPS Deploy

Once you finish the order your VPS will be ready within a Short Time , that will save time and your server will be ready to functions as you expect.

root full access

VPS Root Access

Full root/administrator access for overall system control over software, services, users and rights. Manage all settings of your server as administrator privileges.



Offer Free Weekly VPS Backup with 2 Rotation available .And it will be available for restore on demand.

control panel

Easy VPS Control

Rich Control panel to manage VPS server, suspend , restart , shutdown, ssh access manager, and more..


Get Free More than Month Free with Annual Plan 

Why KVM Technology

VPS KVM model KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux ; containing virtualization extensions VPS KVM, Support wide range of OS like Linux or Windows or BSD. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware: network card, disk, graphics adapter, and its fully isolated resouces from the others ,also the KVM VPS kernal is isolated and not depending on the main server . As conclution KVM is a hardware virtualization technology. This means the main OS on the server simulates hardware for another OS to run on top of it. It also acts as a hypervisor, managing and fairly distributing the shared resources like disk and network IO and CPU time. and the main point to choose the KVM VPS is that KVM does not have burst resources; they are all dedicated or shared
cash back Guaranteed

VPS Money Back Guarantee Risk Free

For One Or Three Months Subscription 7 Days Money Back Free, If more ;1 Month Money Back At Zero Risk.

VPS KVM Server Hosting FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
Our VPS NOT fully Managed. You are responsible about your VPS server , If you want to earn VPS Managed Server please visit Our VPS Managed Server Products.
Each VPS server comes with 1 IP address. You can purchase additional IPs per month directly in our client area using your XsoftHost.com control panel.
Yes , you can upgrade your VPS and move to the next and higher VPS Package anytime you fee that you need.