jetbackup cPanel Backup Restore service

jetbackup Features

jetbackup Incremental Backups

Incremental Backups

After first full backup , the next backups job will take care of your data and find the channge files and backup it to the destination backup .
jetbackup Backup on Multi location

Backup on Multi location

jetbackup support mulit destination location like Local backups, "Remote FTP" ,"LFTP" ,"Remote SSH" ,"AmazonS3" ,"Dropbox".
jetbackup Single  File Restore

Single File Restore

Self GUI with one click for WHM and cPanel users allows simply restore single files like emails, databases, cron jobs, etc.
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Ths product comes as Product Bundle with VPS SSD

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cPanel Backup
Complete account backup
Self restore GUI for cPanel users
Backup directly to remote destination
Single file cPanel restore from local/remote backup
Download files from local/remote backup
DR Mode - Clone accounts by schedule between servers
Point-in-time local/remote incremental backups
Cloudlinux support (put the backup process inside LVE)
API Access to backup/restore system
Multiple backup destinations
API Access to backup/restore system
Limit backup space / inodes for users
WHMCS module to sell backup services

How To Install cPanel JetBAckup

JetBAckup Installation Instructions: install cPanel JetBAckup