How to Install cPanel JetBackup

What is JetBackup 

JetBackup is WHM cPanel Plugin software that allow you to run backup of your server data , JebBackup include features more than the cPanel regular backup , to see the full compare table visit JetBackup Xsofthost Product Page. 

cPanel JetBackup System requirements

  • Remote Access Key has been configured (WHM -> Cluster/Remote Access -> Setup Remote Access Key).
  • Latest (stable) cPanel version.
  • CentOS / CloudLinux / RedHat 6+

cPanel JetBackup Installation

Login to your Server as root and run the following commands:

yum clean all –enablerepo=jetapps*
yum install
yum install jetapps-cpanel –enablerepo=jetapps

Once the installation finishes , you can now configure and add your license from the cPanel/WHM control panel

  • login to your WHM server GUI using root user, under the plugins menu you will find “JetApps”.
  • Click on JetApps >> JetBackup >> Choose a version to install & Approve the installation.
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