How to Install and use Nano Text Editor Commands in Linux

What is Nano Editor

GNU nano is a one of the popular and easiest command line text editor used on many operating systems including Unix-based systems and BSD variants. 

How to install Nano Text Editor

Some OS distributions comes with Nano editor installed ,so install nano depends on OS. 

Install Nano Text Editor on Debian / Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nano

Install Nano Text Editor on CentOS / RHEL

yum install nano

Nano Text Editor Common Commands

To edit a file you can type the following command , in case the file not exists the Nono editor will create new file on save the file.

nano sample.text

Here are some basic nano commands might help you while editing file:

  • CTRL + A :Jump to the beginning of the line.
  • CTRL + E :Jump to the end of the line.
  • CTRL + V :Scroll page up.
  • CTRL + Y :Scroll page down.
  • CTRL + W :Search for a specified phrase in your text. To search for the same phrase again press ALT + W.
  • CTRL + K :Cuts the entire selected line to the “cut buffer”.
  • CTRL + U :Pastes the text from the “cut buffer – Memory” into the selected line.
  • CTRL + J :Justifies the paragraph.
  • CTRL + _ :Go to specified line and column number.
  • CTRL + C : See where your cursor currently is.
  • CTRL + X :Exits Nano text editor. In case you made any changes to the file, it will prompt a save request.

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