How to Uninstall cloudlinux and covert back to centos cpanel server

CloudLinux supports all the hardware supported by RHEL/CentOS, with few exceptions. Exceptions are usually hardware that require binary drivers, and that doesn’t have any open source alternatives.

Uninstall Cloudlinux

sh cldeploy -c


Verify If cloudlinux Installed

					/usr/local/cpanel/bin/cloudlinux_system_install -c
after restore back to centos some packages from CloudLinux repo will still be present. They are same as CentOS packages, and don’t have to be removed. now you need make some centos Updates :

Update your CentOS-provided RPMs

					yum upgrade -y

Rebuild Apache server

					/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/easyapache –build

Reinstall non CloudLinux kernel

					yum –disableexcludes=all install kernel

Remove CloudLinux Kernell

					rpm -qa |awk ‘/^kernel.*lve/ {print $1|”xargs yum -y erase”}’

Reinstall any CloudLinux provided RPMs that also provided by CentOS

					rpm -qa –qf “[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}n]“|awk ‘/CloudLinux/ {print $2|”xargs yum reinstall -y”}’

Downgrade any RPMs provided by CloudLinux to the CentOS version

					rpm -qa –qf “[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}n]“|awk ‘/CloudLinux/ {print $2|”xargs yum downgrade -y”}’


Remove any remaining CloudLinux RPMs

					rpm -qa –qf “[%{VENDOR} %{NAME}n]“|awk ‘/CloudLinux/ {print $2|”xargs yum erase -y”}’

Upgrade all downgraded CentOS provided RPMs

					yum upgrade -y

Reboot the server for Uninstall Cloudlinux

Then you need to reboot server to use the new non-CloudLinux kernel
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