Steps need it for Comodo’s EV SSL enrollment and validation

Install SSL Certificate

Simple guide to Comodo EV SSL certificate enrollment and validations Enrollment Forms :You first must agree to Comodo’s terms. Simply sign the Subscriber Agreement & the Certificate Enrollment Forms and submit directly to Comodo. PREFERRED METHOD:The applicant(s) will receive an email containing a link to complete &  submit forms online.…

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Simple guide to Symantec EV SSL enrollment and validation

SSL Certificate Article

7 EASY STEPS VALIDATION for Symantec EV SSL How to Symantec EV SSL validation process work: Follow this to easily navigate the validation process and activate your green bar to begin building trust online. Enrollment Forms : Sign the Acknowledgement of Agreement Form and submit to Symantec. Organization Authentication:Symantec must…

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EV Certificate Or Domain Validation Certificate

EV Certificate

What is EV Certificate ,What is Domain Validation Certificate Domain validated certificates only verify a domain’s ownership,domain validated certificates will provide you only with Low and Medium Assurance and Warranty equalling from $10000 to $100000, Extended Validated Certificate is appropriated for registered Company becuase green bar and Company name in…

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GeoTrust SSL True BusinessID EV Validation Requirements

SSL Geotrust

GeoTrust SSL True BusinessID Validation Requirements Extended Validation SSL achieves the highest level of consumer trust through the strictest authentication standards of any SSL certificate. Extended Validation verification guidelines require GeoTrust to obtain and verify multiple pieces of identifying information about Extended Validation Certificate Approver. To ensure your SSL Certificate…

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