EV Certificate Or Domain Validation Certificate

What is EV Certificate ,What is Domain Validation Certificate

  • Domain validated certificates only verify a domain’s ownership,domain validated certificates will provide you only with Low and Medium Assurance and Warranty equalling from $10000 to $100000,
  • Extended Validated Certificate is appropriated for registered Company becuase green bar and Company name in the address bar visible to browsers, the advantages that will attract customers,EV Certificates will give you Very High assurance and warranty from $250 000 to $1 500000 depending on the Certificate Authority and certificate type.

Also Secure Site Seal is another indicator of trust and security outside of HTTP turning to HTTPS in the browser address bar and displaying the commonly trusted padlock. Site Seals are not only to recognize the usage of SSL, but can also be used for a number of services.

  • static Site Seals : available for Domain validated certificates and only some of them come with dynamic ones
  • dynamic Site Seal : EV certificates with dynamic Site Seal show Company information, such as domain name, company name, address, city, state and country ,its good for customers that mean that your Company is fully authenticated and validated by a Certificate Authority.


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EV Certificate Or Domain Validation Certificate
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