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About FTP

FTP was originally defined in 1971, prior to the definition of TCP and IP, and has been redefined many times — e.g., to use TCP/IP (RFC 765 and RFC 959), and then Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), (RFC 2428).

Create FTP Account On Plesk Panel there are few simple steps to create your FTP account . FTP allows you to manage the files that are associated with your website through an FTP client such as FileZilla ,Cyberduck etc.. You can follow the following FTP Account:

  1. Log In to your Plesk : your Plesk control panel link may look like https://hostname:8443 or
  2. On your Home Page of Plesk “Select Websites & Domains Tab” then bellow of your domain name web site click FTP Access.
    Plesk FTP Access
  3. On next Page you can see the list of exiting FTP accounts and also you can click Add an FTP Account.
    Plesk Add an FTP Account
  4. On the next page; add new ftp account by fill the following:
    1. FTP account name :ftp username like ftp account to log in on FTP
    2. Home directory : choose the directory you want to allow full access to the folder and subfolders “the default value is / which means the account can access root of the web site folder”
    3. New password : type the password associated with the ftp account
    4. Confirm password : re-type the password “You may click Generate to allow the Plesk to create strong password and you can click then Show button to see the generated password. “
    5. Hard disk quota : is the the quota in MB that allowed by the user to upload as maximum “You may select Unlimited size”
    6. Permissions Read permission : tick this option to give read permission to the ftp account on the selected folder in step number 2
    7. Permissions Write permission : tick this option to give full write permission to the ftp account on the selected folder in step number 2
    8. Click Ok and you should see success message of account creation.

    Plesk Create FTP Account

  5. To see the list of the ftp accounts you can go from Plesk Home and click “FTP Access” then you can see the full list of FTP accounts : you have options for each account to Delete the account; or click the ftp account name to edit all configuration of the account.

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Add FTP Account on Plesk
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