How to Create Subdomain and remove Subdomain in Plesk

Add Subdomain From Plesk

To add subdomain for any primary domain hosted in plesk control panel:

  1. Login to Plesk control Panel , usually the link look like
  2. On the plesk domain dashboard click Add Subdomain icon.

    plesk dashboard subomdain

  3. On the Add a Subdomain Page enter the following:
    1. Subdomain Name: type your subdomain name .
    2. Under Hosting Settings for Document root , Plesk will add automatically the folder name , you may change the folder name.
      Plesk will add this folder “the Subodmain folder”  on the root folder of the primary domain .
  4. Click Ok button .
    plesk add subomdain

How to remove Subdomain From Plesk

To remove subdomains from your primary domains:

  1. Login to Plesk control Panel .
  2. From your Plesk dashboard  click Websites & Domains .
  3. Locate your subdomain block section and click Remove Subdomain.

    plesk remove subomdain

  4. Confirm delete operation .
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