Premium Domains FAQ

Common Premium Domain Questions:

Q. What is a Premium Domain?
A.Premium Domains are highly sought after domain names made up of important keywords and brand friendly words/phrases. They are usually privately owned and are sold at a much higher price than an ordinary domain name.

Q. Why are Premium Domains so expensive?
A.Typically, Premium Domains are short,easy to remember,or brand name , popular names that contain important keywords/keyphrases and hence command a higher value. Since they have been registered previously, they are well-established and boast of a higher page rank on the search engines. Hence, because they are well-geared to attract more traffic, they come at a higher price which is reflective of their value.

Q. Will renewal rate for Premium Domains be as expensive?
A.No. In most cases, Premium Domains renew at the regular price of that TLD.

Q. How do I search for a Premium Domain?
A.When you perform a regular domain search, we will show you the best available Premium Domains that closely match the domain you’ve searched for. Finally, if the domain you searched for via our regular domain search happens to be a Premium Domain itself, it will be prominently highlighted on our results page as a Premium Domain TAB.

Q. What is the procedure to procure a Premium Domain?
A.After you complete the purchase of a Premium Domain with us, we will proceed to complete the transfer of ownership. This may take upto 5-7 days. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address as soon as ownership of the domain has been transferred to your account. You can then proceed to manage the domain as you would manage a regular domain name.

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