What is Symantec Vulnerability Assessment Scan

Symantec Vulnerability Assessment

is a service that performs a scan searching for the common entry points on a website’s server for the domain you enrolled in for 
Symantec SSL certificates:

  • Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV
  • Symantec Secure Site with EV
  • Symantec Secure Site Pro

When vulnerability assessment activated , Symantec scan your website network each week for common entry points which, if breached, could threaten your online security.And you will then receive the results of the scan in a downloadable report showing the most critical vulnerabilities that will be accessed through your Symantec User Portal. 

Vulnerability assessment will scan for the most common types of vulnerabilities, which include outdated or unpatched software, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and “backdoors.” As hacking , we update the scan accordingly to detect those vulnerabilities.

Also vulnerability assessment  will scan any active content on the website that accepts user input, without regard to the type of file or script. And scan outdated versions of server software, and Commerce package or WordPress systems.

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