What is Code Signing SSL

Code Signing certificates

allow you to sign software or code and essentially prove where it came from and that it’s trustworthy.
This is done with a unique digital signature provided by certificate authority CA, which tells the browser publisher’s identity of the software and that it hasn’t been tampered with any third party.

So when customers buy software from a certified Code Signing store, the source of that software is evident. Customers know who published the software, and also see whether the package has been unsealed.
That’s help costumes to make decisions the software to buy and how much to trust on those products.

benefits & Features of Code Signing Certificate

  •  Verifies publisher’s identity
  •  Creates a trusted sales store
  •  Maintains content authenticity
  •  Protects software from tampering
  •  Improves customer confidence
  •  Protects the integrity of software publisher
  •  Compatible with all major platforms

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What is Code Signing SSL
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