Configuring Mail settings on plesk server for Domain

How to Configure Mail settings on Plesk

Plesk control Panel give you an option to manage and configure mail settings for your domain , by Activate mail service on this domain , choose the Webmail  interface and enable SSL/TLS certificate for webmail and mailing list for your domain .To configure the Mail settings :

  1. Login to your Plesk control Panel.
  2. On the Plesk dashboard click Mail Tab >> Mail Settings >> Then under Domain Name list click your domain name link.

    Plesk Email Settings

  3. On the next page you can start configure the Mail Settings for your domain
    1. Tick Activate mail service on this domain this option will Enable/Disable the mail server for the existing domain.
    2. What to do with mail for non-existent users: this option allow you choose the behavior of the mail server for receiving emails for email account not exists on your mail server , the options are :
      1. Forward to address: you can add an exist email address to receive an incoming email for none exist emails.
      2. Redirect to an external mail server with the IP address: you can use this option if you have additional external mail server like exchange server or any other mail server.
      3. Reject:simply just reject the email to sender telling him that its invalid and none exist email address your are sending to.
    3.     Webmail : you can choose which Webmail interface will be used for this domain , we are offering Mailenable mail server and Horde.
    4. : If you already install SSL for your domain you can force SSL for webmail web access.
    5. Enable mailing lists :Activating the mail List , if you want to know how to add mailing list , Visit How to Add Mailing List in Plesk

      Plesk Mail Settings

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