How to Create Reseller account within DirectAdmin

Adding New Reseller account in DirectAdmin

Before Creating new reseller account , you have to add reseller packages to assign the existing package to the new hosting Reseller account in DirectAdmin.

  1. Login to your DirectAdmin control Panel.
  2. From Server Management Group ,Click Create Reseller Link.
  3. On Create Reseller Page Form start enter the Fields:
    1. Username:This is the control panel username of the Reseller.  It must be 4-8 letters/numbers long.
    2. E-Mail:Enter the e-mail address of the Reseller. This email address for sending notification  to the reseller account.
    3. Enter Password:Enter Strong password the the reseller account, or click Random button to generate strong random password.
    4. Re-Enter Password:Re-type the password.If you click Random the textbox will be filled automatically .
    5. Domain:Enter Reseeler’s domain name.  Enter the domain name without “http://” or “www.”
    6. Use Reseller Package:Select the the Reseller Package from the drop-down list from the packages that you already add before.
    7. Account IP:Choose the IP address for the reseller account.
    8. Send Email Notification:Check this box to automatically send the customer their account details by e-mail.  To change the email template , click “Edit User Message” link to customize the e-mail content.
  4. Click Submit button.

DirectAdmin Create Reseller

Edit Email Message Template

DirectAdmin Create Reseller Edit Email Message Template

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