How to Install SSL Certificate on IIS 7

Steps to Install SSL Certificate on IIS 7

SSL Certificate installation and the CSR code generation, on IIS 7, should be done using the Internet Services Manager.

  1. Go On Start Menu > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Server Name > double-click on the Server Certificates option
  2. Open the Complete Certificate Request Wizard
  3. Specify the Validated Certificate file location and Friendly name in the ‘Complete Certificate Request’ Wizard. The Friendly Name is not part of the certificate itself, but it can be used by the server administrator to easily distinguish the certificate.
  4. Once the certificate upload is complete, you need to bind Certificate to the web site
    • Select the website you want to apply the certificate to from the left-side ‘Connections” menu
    • Select ‘Bindings’ from the ‘Edit Site’ sub menu
    • In the ‘Site Bindings’ window, click ‘Add’. This will open the ‘Add Site Binding’ window.
    • ‘Type’ = https; ‘IP address’ = should be the IP address of the site or All Unassigned; ‘Port’ = 443; ‘SSL Certificate’ field should specify the certificate that was installed using the above steps.Click ‘OK’ to save changes.

You must now restart IIS / the website to complete installation of the certificate.

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