What is a Parked Domain,How Create Or Delete Aliases Domain in cPanel

What is a Parked Domain

Parked Or Aliases domain is and additional domain hosted on your account display the same website as your primary domain and share web statistics as well,Domain aliases or Parked domain make your website available from another domain name. For example, you can make www.mydomain.net and www.mydomain.org show content from www.mydomain.com. in parked or Aliases domain you can create its own email addresses

How to create Parked Or Aliases domain

To create new parked or aliases domain for your primary domain in cPanel , needs few simple steps:

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel account usually link like https://yourprimarydomain.com:2083.
  2. Locate Domain Section in the cPanel dashboard and click Parked Domains or Aliases icon.
  3. Under Create a New Alias  or Create a New Parked Domain enter the domain name you would like to park or alias on top of your primary domain.
  4. Click Add Domain. and you just add the new Parked or Alias domain.

Remove a Parked Or Alias Domain

To remove a parked or Alias domain from your cPanel account:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Domains section, click the Parked Domains or Aliases  icon.
  3. Under Remove Parked Domains or Remove Aliases Domains find the domain you want to remove.
  4. In the Actions column for that domain, click Remove.

Solve Error while adding new Parked or aliases domains

  • There was an error when the system attempted to create the alias. Park::park(yourparkeddomain) failed: (XID skenhp) Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “yourparkeddomain”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain registrar.
    • (XID skenhp) error means that you are trying to add Alias or parked domain that not yet registered , first you have to register the domain ,then again try to add the parked or alias domain.


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