How to install SpamScan Plugin for cPanel WHM

What is SpamScan Plugin for cPanel/WHM

SpamScan is Plugin Tool that analyzes the IP addresses used by your server, and checks them against 18 major DNS Relay Blackhole Lists or “RBLs”.

Server Requirements

Ioncube & CURL for cPanel’s internal PHP (Install through WHM and EasyApache!)

cPanel/WHM: 11.34+

PHP: 5.2 or PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4

To install SpamScan Plugin :

  1. Download the SpamScan file located at
  2. Upload file to the server (on spcific folder )
  3. untar the file rsmonitor.tar.gz and run the installation using thses commands line

    tar xvfz spamscan.tar.gz
    cd spamscan
    chmod 755 addon_spam* spamscan*
    ./ — Wait few seconds for install to complete.
  4. SpamScan is automatically added to your server’s CRON.

To access SpamScan Plugin ,Go to plugins section of your WHM by logging into WHM .

Make sure to enter the license key you received from Xsofthost to activate the product.

To uninstall SpamScan Plugin :

Log in to the server over SSH as root, locate the spamscan from the installation instructions before and run the folliwing command:
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