Fix cPanel/WHM Quotas When adding account from Packages

How to fix Quotas from cPanel Packages that always showing unlimited

The case of the Quotas from cPanel Packages

If you already create cPanel package and you are trying to add new account from the packages and when you check the account resources , WHM showing unlimited for the quotas and not updating the Disk Used of the account. the most reason of this unexpected behavior is by Configure Backup Directory option Backup of cPanel/WHM that is sharing drive with cPanel , to avoid that you have to change the Default Backup Directory path of the backup to different dirve . To do so:

  1. Login to cPanle/WHM control panel.
  2. Navigate to Home »Backup »Backup Configuration.
  3. From Configure Backup Directory change the location of Default Backup Directory to different dirve and enable Mount Backup Drive as Needed
  4. Save the changes.
  5. you will see the warning NOTE: Filesystem quotas are enabled. To prevent performance degradation, the system automatically disables quotas on non-root filesystems that contain a backup destination. so you have to be sure that you are using different drive for backup.

How to Fix existing account resources and usages statistics in WHM cPanel

Login to your server using SSH connection and run the command


and the result will be like

Quotas have been enabled and updated.
Reading package yourpackage
Resetting quota for exampleaccount to 5120 M
Resetting quota for testaccount to 51200 M

To check and verify that resources has been updated go to Home »Account Information »List Accounts and you will be able to see the Quota and Disk Used fields with updated values.

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