How to install Resource Monitor Plugin for WHM cPanel

Resource Monitor Plugin for cPanel/WHM

Resource Monitor is Plugin tool that helps you quickly monitor cPanel users on your server this tool display users who is using the highest amount of server resources. you can view report for cPanel users based on CPU usage, memory usage, MySQL usage and disk usage and is displayed right inside the WebHostManager.

Server Requirements

Ioncube & CURL for cPanel’s internal PHP (Install through WHM and EasyApache!)

cPanel/WHM: 11.54+

PHP: 5.3+ OR PHP: 5.2

Older editions of cPanel must run version 3.2 of Resource Monitor

To install Resource Monitor Plugin :

  1. Download the RSMonitor file located at
  2. Upload file to the server (on spcific folder )
  3. untar the file rsmonitor.tar.gz and run the installation using thses commands line

    tar xvfz rsmonitor_XXXX.tar.gz
    cd rsmonitor
    ./ — Wait few seconds for install to complete.
  4. NOTE: Wait for at least 48 hours to see you cPanel/WHM usage statistical reports. RSMonitor is automatically added to your server’s CRON.

To access RSMonitor Plugin ,Go to plugins section of your WHM by logging into WHM .

Make sure to enter the license key you received from Xsofthost to activate the product.

To uninstall Resource Monitor Plugin :

Log in to the server over SSH as root, locate the rsmonitor from the installation instructions before and run the folliwing command:

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