How to Modify an Account within WHM

Modify an account in WHM

Modify an Account within WHM

  1. Login to your cPanel/WHM Control Panel.
  2. Navigate Home »Account Functions »Modify an Account
  3. From Account Selection Box Under Domains select desired domain or from Users select desired one.
  4. Click Modify button.
  5. From Modify an Account Page you can start change the account information:
    1. Basic Information:
      1. Primary Domain: you can change the primary domain of the account.
      2. Username:modify the current username , If server has database prefixing enabled. The names of any databases or database users created while database prefixing was enabled will begin with a prefix that consists of the first eight characters of the account’s username. So change the cPanel account username will take affect on all of its prefix objects related to the user.
      3. :Change the account owner
      4. Contact Email:Modify the username email address.
      5. Default Locale:change the default language.
      6. cPanel Theme:choose from cPanel themes, usually “x3, and paper_lantern“.
    2. Resource Limits:
      1. Package:Change the Packages already defined in WHM “How Create Package
      2. Disk Quota (MB):Change the Maximum Hard Disk Quota in Mega bytes.
      3. Monthly Bandwidth Limit (MB):the maximum amount of data that the new account can transfer each month
      4. Email Accounts:type number for the maximum number of the account’s email accounts.
      5. FTP Accounts:Enter the maximum number of the account’s FTP accounts.
      6. Mailing Lists:Maximum number of the account’s mailing lists.
      7. SQL Databases:The maximum number of each available type of SQL database
        Please note that if you have two database engine types the maximum amount will applied for each one separately
      8. Subdomains:Enter the maximum number of the account’s subdomains.
      9. Parked Domains:Enter the maximum number of the account’s parked domains (aliases).
      10. Addon Domains:Maximum number of the account’s addon domains.
      11. Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed:Maximum number of emails that a domain can send per hour.
      12. Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages a domain may send per hour:Defines the maximum percentage of failed messages that a domain sends before WHM server blocks outgoing mail for domain’s account.
        Be careful when set this value , for example if you set this to 50% and the domain sent 2 emails for the last hour and one of the email failed , this will calculate as 50% and will block outgoing mail for this domain
    3. Privileges:
      1. Reseller Privileges:Grant reseller privileges to the account.
      2. CGI Privilege:Tick to grant the ability to serve CGI files to the account.
      3. Shell Access:Select this checkbox to enable SSH access for the account.
    4. DNS Settings:
      1. Enable DKIM on this account:If you checked this option ,then it will create DKIM records for all of the account’s zones.
      2. Enable SPF on this account: If you checked this option ,then it will create SPF records for all of the account’s zones.
  6. Click Save Button.
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